2011 Schedule of Events/Seminars

1. May 4, Invited Lecturer, "Sustainable Construction ASC 850/ AR 8225, Globalization and Construction, Department of           Architectural Science" by Dr. Ching Lo, Ryerson University, Toronto, CANADA
Invited Lecture Series
2. May 17,  "How can Environmental Scientists save the world?" by Dr. Ching Lo (English) at China POPs Forum, Harbin,                 CHINA  Powerpoint
3. May 21, "Global Warming - Root-cause Analysis" by Dr. Ching Lo (English) at 3rd International Symposium on Persistent             Toxic Substances,  Harbin, CHINA  Powerpoint
4. May 22-26, "What can Environmental Scientist do about Global Warming?" by Dr. Ching Lo (English) at The International         Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) International Congress for Analytical Sciences (ICAC) in Kyoto,                            JAPAN.
          Lecture 1  "How can Environmental Scientists save the world?"  Powerpoint
          Lecture 2  "Chemical Analysis versus Bioassay"  Powerpoint
          Lecture 3  "Global Warming - Root-cause Analysis"