Quantitative Solutions

Quantitative Solutions

Quantification data objectives:

  • Quantity is measurable by number and unit
  • The number need not be perfect or accurate to the nth degree, just need to be a relative index
  • The calculation maybe extremely complicated but the end number is easily understood
  • Majority will react to the number predictably, even if the numbering system is imperfect (see examples below)


Qualitative versus Quantitative Descriptions


The air is badAir Pollution Index is 7
Sun is very hotUV index is 11
She studied hardHer exam score is 55
Seat belt saves lives63% of people killed in car accidents did not wear seat belts
Economy goodStock indexes are up
Smoking is bad for healthSmoking causes 21% of all heart disease deaths, 86% of lung cancer deaths, 81% of deaths from chronic lung disease. 4,000 chemicals, 43 carcinogens


Our mission is to quantify "quality of life" with quality indexes that will drive human behavior using numbers as illustrated above. Our two quantification projects are Environmental Quantification and Behavioral Quantification.