Ongoing Project

Ongoing Projects

Project Title: Fairchild Grade School Orphanage

MISSION STATEMENT: to build a boarding school to accommodate approximately 100 orphans 

School Location: We will purchase land within 100 km of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Age Group: Five to ten years old

Curriculum: Primary and grade school curriculum in English, Chinese, Vietnamese and French 

Artist's Impression of Orphanage School

Fund-Raising Target: $95,000 CDN over two years

Fund-raising efforts:

  • Submitted applications to UNISEF, WHO (world health organization), Oxfam, World vision, CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) and Ashoka Changemaker and other charities.
  • Local fund raising banquets in Toronto, Canada.

Source of Orphans: From several orphanages in destitute within 100 km of our school

Related Projects: The current mission of building a Grade School Orphanage is part of an overall vision called “from orphan to buddhahood”.  High school and university education is planned in separate follow-up projects to transform these special children with deep experience of sufferings into leaders for change. Preliminary success of the follow-up projects has been achieved. One temple in Vietnam has agreed to accept half a dozen orphans in the age-group 5-10. Placement in Canadian temples has been arranged for a dozen orphans in the age-group 10-15. Our primary goal is to educate professionals to serve society rather than training religious practitioners. Collaborations from all religions are welcomed.

Strategic Personnel:  We are in a unique position to execute this project successfully.  We are able to penetrate barriers because our field liaison officer is a Canadian monk working directly with key personnel on site. Read more about our project team.